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Learn How to Make Flower & Fairy Rub-On Transfers for Glass Mason Jars

Hi and thank you for stopping in to check out this blog post all about how to create your own rub-on transfers for glass.

On this page I will provide step by step instructions on how to create translucent motifs and also non-translucent motifs

While I prefer the translucent for glass jars because the light from the (battery-operated) candle will shine through, it's not necessary for the beauty of the jar itself. 

I hope you will find the information on this page interesting, fun and valuable and that you will be able to use it in creating your own projects and, well, just plain have fun with it!

When you're done reading and watching the videos provided, you should be able to create a fairy jar just like the one pictured below...

This all started for me because I wanted to create a fairy jar that can be used as a night light and I wanted my images to be translucent.

As I was formulating this project in my mind I thought maybe rub-on transfers would be a great way to get the result I wanted.

However, as my search started on line for transparent fairy and flower rub-on transfers, I found that the selection was not there.

Perhaps they do exist, but I could not find any rub-on transfers that would allow the light to shine through so I realized then and there that if I wanted this to work I would have to make them myself.

I would also like to mention that although I could not find semi-transparent transfers, there were quite a few flower rub-on transfers available.

As a side note, please keep in mind that you don't have to go to the extra steps to make the rub-on transfers translucent (it's just a personal choice) because there are definitely a couple of more steps involved.   I will include directions for both on this page.

A Fairy Jar can be made with
 pre-cut fairy silhouettes

So feeling just a little discouraged and not wanting to give up on my idea, this is where sheer determination comes in!

As my mom always told me when I was a child, "use your noodle, Nancy".   In case you don't know what the noodle is, it's your brain, LOL!  Brains can look like a noodle...get it?

...haha, okay, it's not THAT funny, but I just thought about my mom saying that to me, so I thought I'd share.  My lovely mom was full of sayings...

I came up with a plan to make beautiful motifs using wax paper, Mod Podge, and clear contact paper

You can purchase most of the supplies for the project on this page in a store like Walmart or Target or Michaels.  However, I will link the Supplies List down below to where you can purchase most of them on line at Amazon.

As I mentioned above, you can make translucent rub-on transfers by using simple kitchen wax paper.

Wax paper translucent (semi-transparent) so it makes great transfer images that can be glued to the outside of a glass jar.   Translucent transfers are the the way to go, especially if you want to use a candle inside the jar and have the images show through the light.

If you decide on translucent images for your glass fairy jar project, I don't think you will regret it as the light glowing through the images makes a great effect glued to the outside of the jar.

Safety Tip:  If you are gluing anything inside of the jar, always use battery operated candles.

To make your own semi-transparent rub on transfers for a fairy jar, please follow the steps outlined here...


How to make your own semi-transparent flower and fairy rub-on transfers

Before you begin:

Take a sheet of regular kitchen wax paper (at least as large as 8 x 10") and using a paint brush, coat it with Mod Podge.  Let it dry thoroughly. 

After the Mod Podge dries on the wax paper, trim the wax paper around all sides to be about 1" less than a regular piece of computer paper.

Use Scotch tape to secure the wax paper (dried Mod Podge side UP) onto the computer paper and place it in the rear tray of your computer and after following the Steps 1-   below, print your image onto the wax paper.

Now onto finding and downloading an image you would like to use for your fairy jar...

1.   Select a fairy image that you would like to use from a search engine like Pinterest (to do that go to the next step).

2.   Go to Pinterest.  In the search bar type 'flower fairies'.  Your results should look something like this...

Search results from my Pinterest board
'Flowers for Fairy Jars' where I keep my 
pictures of fairies for use in my art projects

3.  Select a fairy image you would like to work with (from whatever search engine you like).  From my Pinterest search results (see above picture) I chose the 7th one from the left on the top row (in the picture above) to make my translucent fairy rub-on transfer for this project.

This is what it looked like at the top of the page (see picture below) after I put my mouse over the smaller version of the picture and 'left clicked' on it...

When you find an image you want to use
'left click' over it with  your mouse whether
on Pinterest or another search engine.  This
is the fairy I used from my Pinterest board.
After you left click on the smaller image from
the search results, it will make a larger version
 of the picture at the top of the screen.
Always copy from the larger image
to paste into your WP document
(see next picture below...)

In Pinterest after 'left clicking' on the image, the image will appear larger on the screen.
'Right click' over the larger version of the image and select 'Copy image'.
Open a WP document and select 'Paste'.  Now your image is in WP and can be resized
and changed.  Use the 'Format Picture' commands at the top of the WP page to add color
 or change the picture in any way you like.  Resize the picture in WP document
by 'left clicking' on the black outline around the picture and moving your mouse
 back and forth until the size is right.

If you would like to see a video presentation of this process (in Step 3), you can watch it here at the video below...

Flower Fairy Mason Jar - "How to Find, Download and Print Fairy Pictures to Make Rub On Transfers"

4.   Now you will be printing your image onto the wax paper that has been attached to the computer paper with Scotch tape.  Here is what it will look like before you print it.  

Secure the wax paper with the dried Mod Podge
face up onto a piece of computer paper with 
Scotch tape (It might be hard to see, but
can you see the Scotch tape in the image above?)

5.  Place your wax paper/computer paper (see pic in Step 4 above) into the rear tray (or manual feed) of your inkjet printer.  I placed an arrow marking the direction the paper will face as it is printed because sometimes I print it twice to get more ink on the picture.

It will look like this before you use your Print command to send the picture to print from the rear tray (or manual feed depending on what printer you have access to)...

6. Send your image to print from the rear tray.  Your print commands may be different from mine depending on what word processing program you have, but look for things like 'Advanced Settings', 'Properties', or 'Select Paper Source'.   Send it to print from the Rear Tray (or manual feed)...

And now here it is!  All that's left to do is apply
the clear contact paper the front and back
and then cut it out.

7.  After it is printed,  cut around the outside lines of your wax paper/computer paper fairy image out so that all ink is included in the cutout.

8.  Take your roll of clear contact paper and cut a piece (while it's still NOT PEELED BACK) that will fit over the front of your fairy image .   After you cut a square, peel back the contact paper and place the sticky side on the wax paper front of your fairy image with the ink printed on it.  The ink should now be covered with clear contact paper.

9.   Turn your image over and using your Arteza paint pens or Sharpies add color to the back of the fairy image .  This is a great way to get more color on the image.  It will look like this....

Color the back side of the wax paper,
not the contact paper side.

10.    Cut around the outline edges of the main part of the image so that all you really will have is the foreground image with none of the background (see picture below)...

Red Poppy Fairy after being cut
out from the background.  It is
now ready to be glued to your jar!

11.  Using a glue stick or a clear drying glue like Elmers, coat some on your jar and position your hand-made rub on transfer to the outside.  It will look something like this...

Red Poppy Fairy Rub-on Transfer
glued to the outside of a mason jar. 

12.  Finishing Touches:  If you wish to add more motifs to your fairy jar, I suggest making more cutouts of flowers with the steps outlined above.  Instead of searching for fairy images on Pinterest though, search for 'flowers'.   Make your selections from the search results.

Download your flower selections into a word processing program and print them out onto regular computer paper and glue them to the other sides of your jar with clear glue.  To learn more about how to do this, read the following...

Learn How to Find Pictures on Your Computer, Resize and Print from a Word Processing Document

Here is a picture of some of the flower motifs I made by downloading them into a word processing document.  I then resized them and printed them on regular computer paper (no wax paper necessary), applied contact paper to them and cut them out around the main edges...

Flower & Fairy Motif Cutouts

Use a glue stick, Elmers white or clear glue
to apply your motifs to the outside of your
mason jar.  Do not use Aleen's Tacky glue
as it does not dry clear.

Using a paint brush add clear glitter glue between motifs to the outside of your jar to add extra sparkle.

Paint the top of your jar with white chalk paint.   After the paint dries, glue a large flower on top of it to cover the jar.   Glue or wrap jute or lace around the edge of the top for extra flare.


SUPPLIES LIST (You may or may not need all for this particular project): Mod Podge Matte Gel Medium

Place a battery operated candle inside the jar.  Now you have a beautiful fairy night light!

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial.  If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to leave them in the 'Comments' section and I will get back to you asap.

In the meantime, remember my motto...

“Be creative & Be happy!”

Where else can I find images to use in my decoupage projects?

While there are many places to buy images on line (like these sunflowers) at sites like Amazon or in a local store, you can also find free images to download for decoupage projects as well.

You can buy floral napkins and decoupage papers, but if you want to create your own motifs, you can also print most pictures onto napkins or tissue or gift tissue paper to use in decoupage as well.

Another place to look is The Graphics Fairy where there are numerous categories of free images available to download.   Here is a link to 50 free flower images from this wonderful site.

Or perhaps you would just like to start making your jars with silhouettes from The Graphics Fairy.

You can cut pictures out of magazines.  There is also a large inventory of clip art on line that you can purchase the rights to, or you can use my tried and true way which is finding pictures on line by typing search words like ‘realistic flowers’ into your search engine and clicking on 'Images'.  (Use the 'Copy & Paste' method outlined in Step 3 above to resize and print any picture you find on the Internet).

If you would like to use this method to find flower images, then follow Steps 1-9 below.

The following instructions outline an easy way to save and print images from your computer.  If you can copy and paste into a word processing document, then you can do this!

1.    In your browser, type the name of a flower you may want to use in your project, such as daffodils.  Position the mouse over ‘Images’.  Hit Enter.

2.   You will see all sorts of pictures of daffodils as a result.

3.   Choose one you would like to work with (try to choose one that will be easy to cut out, with defined lines).  Position your mouse over the picture and 'left click' on it with your mouse.  The image should appear larger now..

4.   Now 'right-click' on the larger version of the image you've selected and it will bring up a menu.  Select ‘Copy Image.’

5.   Open up a word processing document in another window (or you may want to already have an open blank word processing document in another window waiting).

6.   In the word processing document, right-click and select ‘Paste.’

7.   Your image will appear, and you can resize it simply by left-clicking again over the image, which should outline it with a black border and dots to mark the corners.  With the size of the piece you're working on as a background in mind, resize the picture to fit by moving the mouse back and forth while gripping the corner of the image.

8.   Print on a color printer.  Cut your image out and paste it to your glass jar using Mod Podge.  A simple white craft glue like Elmers also works just fine to adhere your design; however, you will need Mod Podge Matte Gel Medium to seal the piece when you are finished designing it. This will give it a polished and beautiful finish.

9.   This is an easy and inexpensive way to find images for decoupage projects!

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